The mission of VOMA shall be to represent the osteopathic physician practicing in the Commonwealth of Virginia in such a manner as to reflect credit to the organization and its members.

To promote the public health, scientific research and improvement of the health care delivery system.

To provide medical education and stimulate growth and maintenance of a high standard of medical knowledge and practice.

To promote student recruitment for osteopathic colleges and give encouragement and support especially to Virginia students in osteopathic colleges.

To promote the growth of the number of osteopathic physicians in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

To promote the development of osteopathic principles and practices as an ever-growing tribute to Virginia born Andrew Taylor Still, D.O., founder of Osteopathic Medicine.

To maintain and improve public relations by providing timely information to the public concerning VOMA or any of its members.

For additional information please contact:

1403 Pemberton Road
Suite 305
Richmond, VA 23238
Phone (804) 269-0136
e-mail: [email protected]